The Real MEE

The Real MEE Box

The monthly book and wellness subscription box for women

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How would it feel to have a lovely surprise every month just for you?
Imagine seeing your box arrive and knowing that it contains your gift to yourself.

The gift of MEE time.

All wrapped up in a box just for you.

From £35pm and free postage.


Monthly Box
£40 per month
(no minimum term)
3 Months of boxes
£35 per month
(for minumum of 3 months)
6 Months of boxes
£35 per month
(for minimum of 6 months)
Plus 1 extra mini box within the life of your subscription!
12 Months of Boxes
£35 per month
(for minimum of 12 months)
Plus 2 extra mini boxes within the life of your subscription!
Gift Boxes
Struggling to find that special gift for the women in your life?
Why not give her the gift of MEE time?

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